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What's happening at the Walde house?

   New Server!  The site has moved to a new server. 

Mexico 2009 stories and pictures are in progress! Check back daily for new pictures and stories.

Click for Mazatlan, Mexico ForecastClick for Mazatlan, Mexico Forecast

No, I haven't gone missing. Yes, I've been keeping a low profile for the past year. Stay tuned for updates soon. See the gallery and the topics for a few more recent things.
The 2007 Juno Awards Juno's. I had a few technical resonsibilities related to the 2007 Juno Awards.
Maxercize! (Okay, that's not really what it's called.) I'm currently in Regina doing a shoot for Sasktel Max Local on Demand. Click here for pictures, and a sneak peek video.
Casa Bonita

Our vacation to Mexico. The photo gallery is here!
We're home. The stories are done. The pictures are uploaded. I need to add some pictures to the stories yet. I might write some tips/thoughts for next time yet, but it's mostly done.

Mobile Setup Scott's new gig -- Technical Producer for Sasktel Max Local on Demand mobile production.
ISS On January 20th, 2007 I videoed a flyby of the International Space Station.

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