Our trip to Mazatlan

Well, it seems the final details are now in place. The last thing left to do is pack our bags and then actually get ourselves to Mexico.

I have been to Mazatlan three times. My parents go every year or two. It has become a bit of a second home to us. The first couple of times we did the whole travel agent thing, but starting in 1995, my parents (I didn't go that time) started making their own arrangements. The result? You see much more of the culture, and it costs a whole lot less. On that particular trip my parents spent more on long distance phoning home than they did on their hotel for a week. (Helped by a then-recent significant drop in the Peso.)

This time we booked our tickets online at http://www.selloffvacations.com We got a great price by watching the price daily, and jumping when it was good. (two days later, it was 3x the price again.) Last year already, we booked a beautiful house in "Old Town" Mazatlan. The house is huge (7 bedrooms) with a pool, high fence, and is a mere one-block walk to the ocean.

Casa Bonita

The most exciting thing for me this time, though, is I'm taking my 5 year old daughter along. Last year, when grandma and grandpa were away, she told me she wanted to go to Mexico too. (I don't think she really understood at the time... I'm not sure what she really understands now, but we've talked lots, looked at lots of pictures, tried to learn a touch of Spanish, and she is really excited.) I decided at the time that we would try to go in 2007. My parents had toured the aforementioned house, and within a couple weeks of them being back, we decided to book the house for this year. The biggest question mark was me travelling as a divorced dad with my young daughter. The paperwork required is, of course, more than if I was travelling alone, or as a two-parent family. Fortunately, her mom has been cooperative and I have managed to get all the paperwork together. (Passports for both, my divorce papers showing joint custody, a notarized letter from her mom, etc...)

So, in about a week we will set off on our journey which will include a whole bunch of firsts for my daughter. She has never been on an airplane. (although she has been in a helicopter) She has never been out of the country, or to anywhere where another language is dominant. She has never seen the ocean. She will experience a whole new culture. I'm looking forward to seeing Mexico through her fresh eyes. (That's one of the great aspects of raising a child -- if you take the time, everything is fresh and new again if you see it through their eyes.) She did show her amazing understanding when I was talking about not drinking the water there. I was stressing how important it was to only drink water from the cooler, not the tap. (Really hoping she would internalize it...) She calmed my fears by suggesting it was "just like at the cabin." Of course! I needn't have worried.

Anyways... keep an eye on this site. I hope to update it with pictures, stories, and maybe even videos while we're there.

Update: I got my GPS data cable, so I can post tracks and waypoints from our trip.  Follow this link for a story I will try to continually update during our trip.

(Sorry about all the "my daughter" stuff... I still a bit wary about naming her on this site. Although, I'm sure a bit of quick googling would turn it up anyways.)

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