Monarch's Lounge pt 2

Saturday, March 24th, 2007:

Well, I had so much fun last night, that I just had to come back for more tonight.   I did a bit more research before heading down to Monarch's tonight.  I decided to try a Dalwhinnie and a Glenfiddich.  The Dalwhinnie had a nice nose, somewhere between the Cragganmore and the Glenlivet from last night.  I think I smelt a hint of caramel in there.  The flavour was nice, full, and smokey.  The finish was long, slightly bitter and fairly smokey.  This was, by far, my favourite so far.  The Glenfiddich was maybe a bit of a letdown after that.  It is a very popular single malt that the bartender had handy on the counter.  (all the others he had to fetch from the cabinet)  It had a brighter or higher note both in the nose and flavour.  It was much less smokey than the Dalwhinnie, and had a short finish.  Again, I think I detected a hint of caramel.  But, remember, I'm no scotch expert, so don't believe anything you read here!

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