Mazatlan 2007

Our trip to Mazatlan in 2007

Day 9 - Epilogue

Day 9

I don't even want to write this page. What is there to say?

Day 8 - Denouement

Day 8

This morning, Kim, Shayne and the gang left for a day on Isla de las Shivas. My daughter and I went for a walk on the beach. the waves were a bit too rough to really play in the ocean, so we stayed right on the edge and collected seashells that were being washed ashore.

Day 7 - On Top of the World

Day 7

Well rested from a relaxing day on day 6, today we were ready to overexert ourselves again. We started out in the morning for the lighthouse hill.

Day 6 - Recovering

Day 6

Well, I got a bit tomo mucho sol (the giant fireball in the sky, not the cervesa) on Stone Island on Day 5, so I took it a bit easier on Day 6. We spent the morning just hanging around the house. In the early afternoon, my daughter and I started out on another trek. I wanted to take her to Seashell City, which would mean our first trek into the Golden Zone. (The tourist area of Mazatlan)

Day 5 - Sun and Surf

Day 5

Today we spent the day on the beach on Stone Island. Stone Island isn't actually an island. It's a peninsula. But the road to drive there is long and treacherous, so most people simply take a boat.

The first time we went there, years ago, we paid $40US each for a harbour cruise with a stop on Stone Island. Since then, we have discovered the boats that the locals take to and from. At $15 pesos, it's not quite as luxurious, but it gets us there just the same.

Day 4 - Venturing out

Day 4

This morning, mom, shayne, kim and their daughter went out for groceries. Being Sunday, though, the Fruiteria and Mona's were closed. They went to Farmacia Guadalajera (think London Drugs without the electronics) and picked up a few things there, but they didn't have bacon. On the way back, they noticed the Fruiteria was open, and they had bacon. Breakfast was pancakes with maple-flavoured corn syrup and bacon.

Day 3 - Getting our bearings

Day 3

On day 3, we started the day by Mom and I heading to Mona's to buy some bacon and paper towel, we stopped at the tortillaria and bought a 1/2 kilo of Tortillas (5 pesos -- about 50c), fresh off the machine, then to Fruiteria Ordonez for an onion and some peppers, then back home. After breakfast, we went down to the ocean, and the kids got good and wet, and sandy.

Day 2

"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in kansas anymore"

Well, my internal clock is truly messed up now! I laid down for a nap around 5pm yesterday, and woke up at 5am today! I'm writing this at 6am on Day 3. Day 2 started (still in Calgary) very early in the morning. We woke up about 2:30 and left the house at about 3am. We got in line for baggage check, and were through that by 4:20, then lined up for security.

Day 1 (zero?)

I guess I'll have to decide if today is day one or day zero.  I guess I'll call it day one, even though we're not in Mexico yet.  Today, we left Saskatoon about 10am, and arrived in Calgary at about 4pm Saskatoon time.  Another 1/2 hour and we were to my sister's place.  There's nothing too exciting yet, but we had a good trip.  My daughter noticed the new Children's Hospital which was very visable from Sarcee Trail.  It is painted all different colours and kind of looks like it was built out of lego.  Check the

GPS Tracks and Waypoints

This page contains all the GPS tracks for our Mazatlan 2007 trip.  Files contain track logs and a few selected waypoints.  These files are posted in Google Earth (.kml/.kmz) format. To view them, download and install the free Google Earth program available at

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